Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rise and Shout

Joseph and I took a little kid-less break this weekend and went to Tulsa Oklahoma for the BYU-Tulsa University game. It was fun to feel fancy-free and pretend we were in college again (oops - fun for me to pretend to be in college again. Joseph doesn't need to pretend. But he did tell me that because he's completed two post-bachelor years I can now address him as Master Joseph..... Hm.... Nah.). Anyway, the game was just like the good old days -- we even lost! :) But even when they loose BYU is our favorite team. And Bronco Mendenhall is one of our heros. :)

And here's my J-boy trying to show me that he can take his nap on the kitchen floor using his stick horse as a pillow. Yeah, I wasn't convinced.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The mouths of babes...

I adore my kids (almost all the time). The other night, J jr. was saying the prayer at bedtime (I was saying a phrase at a time, and he was repeating me). I said, "Thank you for this beautiful day," and he said, "Thank you for this beautiful day." I said, "Please bless Daddy to do well on his test," and he said, "Please bless Daddy to do well on his test." I said, "Please bless me to go right to bed and sleep all night," and he said, "Please bless sister to go right to bed and sleep all night." K and I errupted in giggles. No matter how we tried to rephrase it, he wouldn't bless himself to go right to bed and sleep all night. But I guess Heavenly Father heard MY prayer as well as J's, because they both went to bed and slept all night. :)
Me and the kids on the beach on Vancouver Island, near Victoria

The kids do this to themselves, I swear.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Five

No, I'm not talking about Sporting Goods, I'm talking about my little girl. :( FIVE YEARS OLD?! How is that possible? We had a fabulous birthday weekend -- a party at the preschool on Friday, a party with friends on Saturday, and we'll finish it off tonight with a party for our little family. We just can't get enough pink cupcakes. :)

We decided to have a Fairy theme for the birthday party. I like to play party planner, and I may have gotten a *little* carried away, but it sure was fun! (and made for some great pictures!) (Yes, Mindy, that's part of the canopy from your wedding transformed into a "Fairy Pavillion")

I love Tara

A Trip to the Dentist

My kids have a new dentist! He comes highly recommended (everyone I know LOVES him), he's great with kids, he's gentle and puts the kids at ease. And he's handsome and gave me a big fat wet one when the appointment was done. How great is that?!? (he'll do all the above for you, except for the big fat wet one).

K took that last picture of J-boy. :)

Labor Day?? More like PLAY DAY!

I love reading all your blogs out there in cyberspace, and decided it was time to make my own. So here you have it!

We had a fabulous time Labor Day. I've decided it's always a good thing when Monday feels like Saturday. :) Joseph got home late Sunday night from an ASDA trip to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, so Monday morning we caught up on everything he'd missed (around-the-house projects). Then we headed off to Enoch & Bev's house for a picnic/swim party with family.

The pics are of my kids and their cousin Taylor. By the end of the day they only had once complete outfit between the two of them (J-boy had the shirt and Taylor had the shorts). I guess that's sufficient when you're playing with watermelon and sprinklers!