Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 years

10 years ago I rented my wedding dress. Somehow this picture (w/o my permission, or the permission of my photographer) ended up in a Utah Valley Bride magazine with the caption, "Can you believe it's a rental?" Classy, right? I didn't know whether to be flattered or furious. :)
We went to the temple in Salt Lake City on August 18th, and at 9:40 in the morning we were the 36th couple to be sealed together for time and all eternity. Busy day at the temple! I remember being amazed that the celestial room (the room that represents heaven) felt so peaceful even when my mind was reeling and my emotions changing every second. We sat there for a few quiet moments before we were ushered into a sealing room where we knelt at an alter and promised God we'd take care of each other forever.

Joseph was 25, I was 21. We were so clueless! I thought I was in love.
The good news is that today I know a little better. Joseph is my one and only. He makes my life sweet. He works hard so I can be a mom. And he understands when being a mom makes me [more than] a little spazzy (that's polite for insane). He is kinder, gentler, more forgiving, more patient today. Wouldn't it be nice if that were true for both of us?? :) We've had some ups and downs, and I know we'll have many more before we're done with this life. Today I look at these photographs and smile indulgently at the newlywed love we had. Today's love is so much better! Thank goodness we didn't give up in year 1 when I was psycho hormonal on birth control, or year 5 when dental school was making us both nuts, or in year 7 when I was pregnant and horrible to everyone with whom I had contact (for the 3rd time). (My sincere apologies if you are one of those people - what's my excuse now, right??). :) I'm so glad that we've learned to keep going, and to hang in there, and that it gets better - as long as we keep that promise we made at that alter 10 years ago.
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Library Lovin'

We had a good time this summer at our local library -- they did an around-the-world theme for the summer reading program and had weekly activities and concerts and reading times.  I only brought my camera a few times, but we enjoyed exploring the world from the comfort of our local library.  I love love love to read - and I love seeing my kids get excited about it, too.  :)
The library kicked off the summer activities with water games in the courtyard....

I really loved their Brown Bag Concerts (bring a lunch while you watch) - it was so neat to see the town come out and enjoy it all together.

Hot and sunny, but so fun!

One week we went to the Africa explorer day - the kids made masks, and LOVED trying out all the cool stuff the guest presenter brought along.  J-boy was especially sucked in by the masks and percussion instruments.
 And of course, A-girl wanted in on the photo fun.
J-boy and A-girl fit really well in this one together. :)
 And this one was about 2x A-girls' size. :)
While the other two rioted around playing with the 'artifacts,' K-lady dutifully made her mask. :)  What a sweetie.  :)