Friday, March 26, 2010

miscellaneous moments

A few little updates for the good ol' blog...

Joseph broke his hand playing church ball -- the arrow points to the diagonal fracture in his middle-finger hand bone (sorry, no technical medical terms from this music major). It's been healing really well -- because the bones on either side keep the middle bone in place he didn't need a cast and has been wearing a brace for the last few weeks. Hopefully he can ditch it soon! It was a good wake up call for him - no contact sports that put his career in jeopardy, thank you very much!
J-boy and Baby A got a hold of my make up bag. I really thought this kid was old enough to know better. Apparently Baby A is a bad influence. :) Every time she sees my make up bag she says, "Eye! Eye!" That kid loves eye shadow. :)
Happy late St. Patty's Day! Do they look lucky, or what??? :) I made the banner with my cricut, cut clovers out of knit and sewed them to plain white shirts, made Baby A a new hair bow and leprechaun hats out of felt for the big kids. We ate corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots, and lemon (golden) jello for dinner. I think it's the first time I've ever served my children jello -- they were completely amazed by it. :) I think that's the most attention that holiday has ever gotten from me. :)
J-boy decided he was done with training wheels, so I broke out my new baby seat (Christmas gift from mom and dad!), and now we can't get enough of the family bike rides. We need to get another grown up bike so Joseph can come with us on weekends. :) I really really really love this - what a fun phase of parenting!!

Other updates -- Joseph had a trip to check out potential practices. It was a good trip and now we know what we DON'T want! A few days later the kids and I took our own trip out to New Jersey to visit my brother's family and met a new little boy to adore. :) I'll post about that soon.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

J-boy turns FIVE!

The day after his birthday we were driving in the car and J-boy announced, "Mom, I made a wish  when I blew out my candles, but I can't tell you what it was, but it was a really good wish."  Then about 30 seconds later, "Mom, I can't tell you what my wish is, because then it might not come true."  Another 30 seconds later, "Mom, my wish is to drive a big rocket, but I'm not going to tell you because I want it to come true."  :)  We had a little chat about 'driving' rockets, and how you should learn to fly airplanes first -- now he wants to be just like Uncle Dave and fly an airplane "big enough to fit a car inside!"  :)
(the birthday cake picture has been modified from the original version - it has been formatted for the blog) :)
Then the next day we got to visit the dr. and the pharmacy - poor kiddo had strep and bronchial ickiness (my interpertation of the official diagnosis) so we had fun with the antibiotics and the albuteral. But he's all better now!
One of his gifts -- he loved digging for treasure -- by the time he was done my entire kitchen was covered in a thin layer of treasure island.  If there is a next time for this sort of gift, I'll try to give it in the summer - this would have been a good OUT DOOR activity. ;)

J-boy picked this sword out on amazon and waited (ANXIOUSLY) for it's arrival by mail.  :)  He's been through at least a dozen plastic or foam swords in his short life, and had been wanting a new one for quite some time, so this was perfect!  It also came with a mask (serious J-boy bonus!!!)  It hasn't broken yet!!!  It's a G.I.Joe toy and came with a dog tag, too -- J-boy says, "Don't call me [J-boy] -- call me G.I.J-boy."

And for my un-scrapbooking purposes:
J-boy is such a fun kid - he loves to play with and clober his little sister, he loves to play with and mimic his older sister.  He does have a slight problem with his wardrobe - poor kid can't choose an outfit without emptying every drawer in the dresser.  It gets kind of tough putting ALL those clothes away every day.  :)  He's also frustrated that he's now 5 and still wearing clothes with a 4 on them.  :)
favorite color: dark green
favorite movie: pixars' short on Cars - Mater and the Ghostlight
favorite game: freeze tag
favorite song: If you're happy and you know it
favorite accessory: green swimming goggles (at the moment)
Love that kid. :)
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snow Animals

Joseph's at it again --  I love seeing him play with our kids. :)