Friday, May 30, 2008

One woman's trash...

The day after K's preschool program we moved to a different apartment in the same complex (3 bedrooms feels SO much bigger than 2!!). Everything is the same for our address, but add 32 to the house number. :) Joseph was in the midst of pre- and early finals, so the timing wasn't great, but it all worked out. I have WONDERFUL and AMAZING neighbors and friends and family who helped so much - we moved all the kitchen/shelving/closets on Friday, then all the big stuff the next day. It was our 8th move in the almost 7 years of our marriage. Ugh! :)

A few weeks before the move, the city in which we live had their big Spring-cleaning-large-item-pick-up day -- my friend Heidi and I lovingly refer to this event as 'Bulky Trash.' The garbage company goes through half of the city, alternating every other year, and you can dump whatever you want on the curb, and they pick it up early Saturday morning. So Friday night, the race is on to find the best trash. :) We find all kinds of stuff -- tables, chairs, dressers, baby gear (plenty of strollers!), bikes, etc.

This year we found an enormous frame, about 7 feet long, still in it's packaging. No back or glass or anything, just the frame itself. Heidi kept it in her garage for me till after we moved, and then it was time to figure out what to do with it! So I skimmed through all my pictures (the family shot is from Jared and Deb's camera, and the temple picture came from Mindy -- thanks!!!), took the kids out for a mini-photo shoot ("Hey, kids, get some clothes on, I need a picture of the two of you where you're clean and don't have a bucket on your heads"), and did a little photoshop editing. I bought hardboard at Home Depot to mount the pictures on, got a little creative with hanging hardware, and one woman's trash became another woman's treasure. :)

I think my kids are cute. And I like my trashy decor. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to Blogdom...

So, it's been about two months... Sheesh! At first I didn't post anything because nothing was quite as exciting as my trip to Chicago. Then life got a little crazy, and now I'm way behind. So please humor me (or just skip these posts) as I recount the last little bit in our lives - this is the closest thing to a journal that I have right now (any of you have great ideas for how to archive or print a blog??), so I might as well hit the remaining highlights of April and May before we move on to June!
K's fabulous preschool experience culminated in an open house in the end of April, which included a little program -- 'singing' by the kiddos (aka chanting/yelling with bits of pitch variation by a few). I've been so pleased with this preschool -- it's run by a Methodist church near our home, and the teachers are wonderful, the other families are great, the kids are fun. It's been a good way for K (and I) to ease into formal education. :)

More to come -- I had to at least break the ice and get ONE new post up here, but it's pushing bedtime, and my body is NOT liking my cute little hard wooden desk chair. :)