Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer @ a Glance

So what do I do when I haven't blogged about anything that's happened in the last 3 months?  Why, a collage parade, of course!  Because I am incapable of skipping the pictures that I love, but I'm equally incapable of staying on top of blogging in the middle of bedlam.  And I'm also incapable of actually remembering my past without visual proof in the form of pictures.  So here's June:
Wow, wasn't that a fun month? I think you should be able to click on the collages to make them bigger.  It really was a great month - trips to the park & library w/ friends, a baby shower for Heather, COSI with big machines and cousin L (see the pic of Baby A fighting J-boy for the steering wheel?  I love that one), the last day of school for K-lady, Father's Day, a chance meeting w/ Heather & Ryan at music in the park (lucky!), temple visits, a day trip south to Hocking Hills (WOW!), and an quick campout in Northern Ohio to visit Kirtland (you'll see a little more of that trip next month, since we woke up in July)

July saw the end of our Kirtland camping trip including fishing and Amish country on the way home, a gorgeous 4th of July celebration that lasted all weekend, a beautiful new niece to adore, K-lady twisting her ankle and breaking our last stroller (I've given away 3 in the last 2 years, and go figure the trusty indestructible umbrella stroller just couldn't take it anymore and gave up the ghost on the way home from the 4th of July parade), my last Sunday in Primary, Joseph's birthday (we love you!), loading up a moving truck, Baby A turned TWO, we unloaded a moving truck (my parents are amazing - that they can even stand to be around us after the torture we put them through year after year is nothing short of amazing....), we hopped back in the van for another 18 hours for a family reunion with nearly 100 cousins, and finished the month in lovely Cache Valley.  

And August!  We had a couple extra days to spend in Utah - we ran down to Provo for  a quick trip down memory lane and to catch up with some more cousins and old friends, we spent more time w/ mom, dad, Kendra, Grandma (happy birthday to you!), Dave, Angela, Bailey & Matthew, we crashed the Bill's family reunion, and when we could stall no longer we went back to our new home, woke up and took the kids to the first day of school, and started unpacking.  We went to a Ranch Rodeo - that's a talented bunch of cowboys up there.  Our 9 year anniversary was nearly unnoticed - I hadn't unpacked the calendar yet.  :)  

So I think that brings us more or less up to date!  We're getting settled in our new digs - I sure miss our old beautiful neighborhood and my wonderful sister and friends in Ohio!!!  And I miss my wonderful parents (with whom we spent almost a month and a half by the time we dragged ourselves out of the mountains). 
But we are getting to know our new town, and Joseph LOVES his new job (it's so happy to see him enjoying it so much!).  We're two hours from a bunch of friends and family, and that's perfect for a quick getaway.  So life is good.   If you want a more drawn out version, you can check out my picture-a-day blog (the perfectly ordinary days button in the side bar there).  I'm giving myself about 2 weeks to get a little more organized here before I go completely insane.  :)  And hopefully I'll be on here a little more often.  Happy blogging everyone!  Thank you, and goodnight.