Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shameless Plug...

I'm way behind on blogging (as is my custom after a vacation or holiday...), but Joseph and I just did something that I had to share.  We made a website for a wonderful dentist in the area!!!  I did the photo and image editing and Joseph did the html code stuff, and we actually had something to do TOGETHER that didn't have to do with the children or the finances (or lack thereof).  Hurray!  We just might have a hobby in common!  Anyway, we just finished up the flash part last night, and I think it looks awesome.  So here's my shameless plug -- if you're in the area and need a good dentist, head on over to Summit Dental!  :)  
And I promise to do a proper post full of our exciting adventures soon -- I actually demoed a helmet camera while skiing in Vail -- I'll be sure to post the footage from when I ran into the tree...  :)