Thursday, March 5, 2009

J-Boy turns FOUR!

Since he survived the first four years of his life, I decided J-boy had earned a party. This was my first time ever throwing a BOY party, and BOY are they DIFFERENT than GIRL parties! We went with a Pirate Party, though J-boy had an identity crisis after opening gifts as seen above -- pirate turned cowboy (with his new beloved rifle), and then pirate turned PINK DINO (I've managed to hide that gift successfully so it doesn't go to the grocery store with us!).
We had a really fun time -- I get a little carried away with the party planning, but I do enjoy it - at least, the fun of it is worth the work of it. We played a few little games, but mostly the boys just wanted to run wild. No careful coloring of Fairy Wings with this bunch! I did make them all say silly pirate things like "shiver me timbers," and "ahoy, matey" to earn their eye patch and pirate hat. :) But I think my favorite part was turning the hot dogs into schooners. :) SO CUTE!

J-boy is a riot - he is always giving us something to laugh about. I love how he'll do just about anything for a sippy cup of "warm hot chocolate." I love how he and K play together - he pulls her into crazy childhood capers, and she tries oh so hard to make sure they still follow the rules. I love that in his letter to Santa this year he was certain to tell Santa he quickly obeys and eats all his dinner (our santa always forgives 3 year olds of their white lies....). I love that he still likes to snuggle with me, though I'm a little worried that he's STILL OBSSESSED WITH MY HAIR! I laughed out loud when he opened up the rifle gift, immediately winked one eye shut and took aim - where did he learn that? He made me laugh today when he told me the new shoes we bought fit just right -- they were his age! I love that he's excited about the cup holders in our new car. I love that he invited K and I to his birthday party (he listed off his little neighbor buddies, and even though he didn't get to go to K's party, he still invited her to his, and then said, "I want you to come, too, mom!"). I love that he came in my room just after I got dressed for church last week and said, "Mom, you look beautiful!" Who doesn't like to be adored??

He does have a hearing problem -- but it's selective -- he can only NOT hear those who are in authority. And he gets the 'gimmees' really badly every time I take him shopping. I told my mom that I've decided J-boy is noise, dirt and violence. But he's a sweet little noise/dirt/violence, and we love him!
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