Sunday, July 11, 2010

a little time to play

I'm very deadline-driven - nothing like a deadline to get me to kick it in gear. So with the end of the school year fast approaching (not to mention a move), I figured it was time to tie up some loose ends!
K-lady and I made this for her teacher - the back ring says "love & grow." It was going to say "learn love grow," but the little set of metal stamps I bought was kind of lame - the A squashed flat on the first try! So we settled for a-less words. And I took the stamp set back to Harbor Freight and exchanged it for one that hasn't squashed yet. :) I followed the tutorial for this necklace from this website.
Then I slapped a few quotes together in photoshop and used up some of the misc. frames I've had kicking around (no need to move those again, right?) for some other favorite teachers.

And I needed more shelving for my stuff - this was harder than K-lady's desk - I bought cheap pine plywood that was super bowed. It would have been much easier and better to have bought something straighter and $10 more expensive. But it's done now and I learned something, and the books stay on the shelf, even if it isn't square. :) I can't get a good picture - it's wedged in the corner of the room far from natural light. But I LOVE having all my sheet music right by the piano where I can actually USE it (sigh...) These plans are also from Knock-off Wood blog.
And K-lady needed more shelving for her stuff (she really does take after me, doesn't she?). There is a set of plans for a hutch on the Knock off Wood blog that I used as my basis, but I adjusted everything to fit the desk and use scraps I already had - I only had to shell out $5 for one little 1x2 piece of trim! Yay! My dad and I are working on a little ottoman/stool to match the desk. But at the rate I'm going with this blog you won't see it till Halloween. :) (I'm sure the suspense is killing you).
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