Monday, August 27, 2012


This summer was fabulously full, but just towards the end we had a little down time and wanted some friends to play with.  Heidi to the rescue!  She came with a playmate for each of my kids and about a million projects to work on.  Okay, maybe only 10, but we certainly kept busy. :)
One of the little projects was to take pictures of the kids so we could print them out and they could make little mini-albums from kits she brought.  Here's a few of the shots we took....
 My dad built this swing for us as he was passing through town :)  It is the best part of our back yard!!!!
 We took the crew to the zoo one day, but mostly just played at home -- the kids built a mega Barbie-plex in the family room, and we enjoyed a good dose of busy baby.  I confess, it made me chuckle a little, remembering how Heidi thought J-boy was heck on wheels at that age.  Now she has her very own! :)
 These girls are getting so big!!!!  They helped with garden harvesting, and taught the Family Home Evening lesson together.  And they went crazy with sewing doll clothes - all kinds of fancy designer creations.  :)
 Aren't they so cute?  They always have a good time together.  I love that she's willing/able to put off girly things while she visits so J-boy has his very own buddy to play trains and cars and water fights with.
Fun fun kids!  Thanks for coming for a visit Heidi!!!  We love playing with your family!