Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

A little peek at Halloween decorations, cause silly things like that give me great joy:
And don't forget the fro on the coat hook:
Halloween was a GORGEOUS day - super warm and sunny.  We carved pumpkins in the backyard after school.  I've decided that's the way to do it - no crazy messy and smelly kitchen, plenty of room for the kids to run around with goop up to their elbows, and best of all, NO MOPPING!! (my very very very least favorite chore.  So pointless)
 K-lady tried out the power tools.  I am filled with maternal pride.

Their pumpkins turned out really cute!  My little paper bag luminaries from a couple years ago are still going strong. :)

Joseph took the kids trick or treating and I stayed home and passed out candy.  It worked out great - his friendly-extroverted self loved getting to know some neighbors and my introverted-needing-quiet-time self reveled in the quiet of home.

I bought all the costumes this year and was so happy to not be scrambling to finish putting something together. :)  K-lady was a vampire/goth girl (her black wig just didn't work out, so she was a little lacking - oh well!), J-boy was some GI Joe Ninja Snake Eye something or other, and Girly A was a brunette Snow White-minus-the-cape-that-drove-her-crazy.  :)
 It was a lovely lovely Halloween.  It marked one year of us being in our house -- every day of October I was so grateful that I wasn't moving that month!  :)


Dave said...

Angela here...just too lazy to change accts. =)
Loooove all these new posts!! Make me want to get back to my normal self again and have the energy to decorate and go out on trips and have all sorts of fun, instead of just laying on the couch all day! =)
Thanks for the inspiration!
Your home and pictures are beautiful! I miss your family so much!

Andrea said...

Great pictures. Love all the neat decorations also. Cute cute kiddos.