Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hall Bath - before and after

Is it weird to post pictures of my bathroom on my family blog? Yeah, it is.  Sorry.  You may already know I have a secret obsession with home decorating blogs and HGTV, so here's another little wanna-be post. :)
Before, in all it's Tuscan Glory:

 More orange.  So we went w/ my ever faithful neutral tan for starters.  It's called Galveston Dust.  Yes, I painted quite a lot of my house the color of Texas dirt.  Thank you 5 gallon bucket.
 Then I decided to replace the mirror and the light fixture.  Quick Saturday morning project, right?  Wrong - there was no junction box, just wires poking through several holes in the wall and a sewer vent pipe going straight through the center of the wall where the junction box SHOULD have been.  I cut a big square out of the drywall to the studs on either side, installed a junction box and rerouted the sewer vent pipe around it.  The sewer vent will still work, right?  I patched up the drywall, a couple coats of mud and some paint and days later I FINALLY installed the new light and mirror (mirror courtesy of bulky trash + spray paint!)  :)
 Then I decided to try out the board and batton goodness that's been everywhere the last few years.  I planned it all out and cut and painted the wood, then got scared and left it sitting in the garage for a month.  Then I finally tore out the old baseboards and forced myself to get going.  I like how it all turned out - that's a LOTTA CAULK in a little bathroom.  My fingers were raw smearing it into every nook and cranny.  A little more spray paint on all the original hardware got rid of that gold.  And a couple extra hooks instead of towel bars is way more functional for kids.

 I found that little ladder in the shed of our last rental.  I knew he'd come in handy.  :)

And last but not least a few printables copied from inspired by pinterest.

 And my sister made one like this for her bathroom, so after I finished copying pinterest I copied her.  :)  Shameless.  Now it's your turn - copy away!


Alison Woods said...

WOW is all I can say. Ok, I'll say more. I am so impressed with your skills. Beautiful, beautiful.

Andrea said...

Ditto Alison. WOW!! love it love it love it.

kristi said...

Holy Crap!! it looks fantastic and you are amazing!

Missy said...

You have got major skills, girl! Can you come to my house? Love it!

Beverly said...

Where did you get the printables? Can I print them too?!!

rpp said...

It looks so good!!!

Angela said...

Can't wait to go use your bathroom! ha! It looks so good Tara!